SalesTech Landscape

SalesTech Landscape

This graphic categorizes more than 1200 SalesTech software apps. 

You are free to use the graphic under the creative commons license. No adaptation, and it’s not for commercial use (you can’t sell it).Feel free to use it in LinkedIn posts and in your internal and external presentations. 

If you have any questions about the landscape, feel free to message me on LinkedIn.

SalesTech Guide

There are 40+ categories of sales technologies. 

The guide includes a glossary to define each category describing typical functionality and examples. There is a chart that cross-references tech based on sales roles and a chart that aligns tech to key company factors.

Use the guide to discover tools that would be useful to your organization.

Innovation Spotlights

These are for people with a sophisticated knowledge of Salestech like leaders of Digital Sales Transformation and Operating Partners at PE firms.

I’m profiling SalesTech companies who just launched or are about to launch and have interesting technology never seen before. 

These are selected at my discretion. I don’t accept any financial remuneration nor do I have a financial interest in these companies.