Spotlights cover solutions that represent new approaches and market categories (like Conversation Intelligence and Sales Engagement were not that long ago) so you can spot trends and opportunities. Great for sophisticated digital sales transformation leaders, PE and investment firms.

The solutions are selected at my discretion but must meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • They are completely new categories of technology
  • Launched within the last 12 months or have not yet launched
  • The tech is a new way of solving old problems or
  • The tech is a way of solving new problems
  • It addresses an underserved or inadequately served need

Virtual Sapiens: non-verbal skills development using AI

How do you ensure your sellers build trust with non-verbal cues like eye-gaze, posture, facial expressions, and gestures?

Virtual Sapiens uses AI and non-verbal communication science to provide professionals with pre, real-time, and post call feedback.

Nektar is an AI-enabled revenue operations platform that captures buyer contact and activity data from the revenue stack and unifies it in a CRM with zero rep adoption.

The captured data is contextually synced into the CRM at the lead, account, and opportunity levels with an industry-best accuracy of 95%+.

Pragma’s single plug-in automatically extracts knowledge-related questions and objections from client interactions (emails, calls, zoom, chats, social) and matches them with responses and relevant information from across the organization.

Saleo’s platform overcomes the burden of missing data, outdated demo environments, and time-consuming demo prep. Gain complete control over every element of your demo and customize new demos in minutes. auto-generates opportunity-specific business value analysis enabling value selling at scale. It also provides a unique value-lens layer to forecasting and win/loss intelligence to better inform both sales and marketing leadership.

Productive Call Assistant uses patented technology that enables native cell phone calls on iOS and Android devices to be digitized and to integrate with one or more CRMs. With an incoming call, users see notes about the caller to prepare them before answering.

It creates intelligent Next Best Action recommendations aligned to the business strategy, ranked by success probability and dynamically adjusted to Rep capacity. Proprietary neural network process technology guides and balances multiple sales plays (prospecting, renewal, up-sell)

Worknet offers conversation intelligence for revenue teams who use Slack Connect to communicate with buyers and customers. Worknet automatically uncovers critical information found within those messages like competitor mentions and feature requests.