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Nancy Nardin

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I’ve been credited with being the first to spot and chronicle an emerging market called “SalesTech” back in 2009. My experience in sales and technology started way back in 1984 though. That’s when I got my first sales role working for GRiD Systems in Silicon Valley.

At the ripe age of 24, I was tasked with selling the world’s first laptop computer to enterprise accounts like Microsoft, Intel, HP, Sun Micro and others. Funny thing, once the hardware was introduced, there was suddenly a need for software that would help field sales reps – you know, things like CRM, and a new-fangled technology called a digital slide-show.

From 2009 – 2021 I ran a website and consulting firm called Smart Selling Tools and earned a reputation as the go-to expert on SalesTech and am known for the SalesTech Market Landscape graphic.

I’m "myway-retired" now which means I've set aside a handful of hours each month to help firms with their sales technology questions. The rest of the time, I'm spending with my husband and our dogs Teddi and Sheba.

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Download the SalesTech Landscape Graphic